About Vedanta

To many Indians, as well as non-Indians, ‘Vedanta’ merely refers to a portion of the Vedic literature, comprising the Upanishads, the Puranas and the Bhagwad Gita. But Dr Shishir Jaiswal questioned the popular myth and asked himself and those around him, “Is that all?” He found, not surprisingly, that Vedanta, in actuality, defines the quality of being human. In other words, Vedanta teaches profound humanity. We understood this allegory of Vedanta and brought its four yogas – meditation, knowledge, devotion and service under one roof – the VEDANTA HOSPITAL.
Love life and life will love you back. Love people and people will love you back. The concept of Vedanta was thus born and the concept continues to guide the mission statement of the Hospital.
Dr Jaiswal founded the Vedanta Hospital, as a trust, with the firm belied on the philosophy of Vedanta, that we are all members of a single family and that our differences are merely superficial. Armed with an MBBS, MS and MCH, Dr Jaiswal envisioned the need for practicable, latest and affordable medical treatment required by the weaker section of the society, especially in Azamgarh and neighboring areas. He has poured all his efforts in ensuring that Vedanta Hospitals provides world-class medical facilities, state-of-the-art medical equipment and well-qualified and trained personnel and quality medical care at affordable rates to all those who come in for treatment. Situated in the heart of Azamgarh, today, Vendanta Hospital has become a landmark structure of excellence, at which all the people of Azamgarh look up to.
Vedanta Hospital is 120 beds, multi-specialty hospital and over 150 qualified personnel, that provides the best medical care to the marginalized section of society as envisioned by its founder-director Dr Shishir Jaiswal. Vedanta Hospitals was opened with the aim to offer medical facilities which are much in demand in the area of Azamgarh. Medical facilities at Vedanta Hospitals included neurology, cardiology, dialysis, nephrology, pediatrics, gynecology, etc. Each of these facilities will be made available at affordable charges. All departments at the hospital have the best possible medical equipments to provide the latest diagnostic, medical and surgical facilities.
Patients can come in for consultation and hygienic rooms, fully-equipped operation theaters and other facilities are available when hospitalization is considered necessary. The best pool of talented specialists, surgeons and physicians work tirelessly and around the clock. Vedanta Hospitals presently offers employment to nearly 150 medical professionals all of whom share the dream of Dr Jaiswal. Each hospital member pledges that they are here to provide the best care possible to every patient irrespective of their social, cultural or financial status.