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Dr. Shishir Jaiswal
When a curious mind determines its path then the unstoppable force that is created ensures the society as a whole benefits. Dr Shishir Jaiswal is one such unstoppable force. Armed with numerous medical degrees he decided to seek the goal of Vedas to provide service to fellow human beings, the result: Azamgarh and its neighboring areas benefitted with the establishment of multi-specialty Vedanta Hospitals. Vedanta, the term in itself means ‘the purpose or goal of the Vedas’ and Vedanta Hospital is the goal of Dr Jaiswal established with the purpose of providing affordable and the best medical care to the all classes of people belonging to Azamgarh.

Dr Shishir Jaiswal is a qualified Surgeon from the prestigious KGMC Lucknow and SGPGI Lucknow. He has obtained the following degrees MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), MS (Master of Surgery) and MCH (Master of Chirurgical) with specialization in neurosurgery. His qualifications and experience make him an able doctor who is equipped with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical familiarity to provide patients with world class treatment and care.
After completion of his studies, Dr Jaiswal made a conscious decision to work tirelessly for the people of his hometown and neighboring areas. He could have chosen the more profitable path of working in cities like Lucknow or Delhi. But, sure of his goals and with deep empathy for the problems faced by patients travelling hundreds of kilometers made him realize the need for medical care facilities to save life, time, money and worry. Over the years, he has earned the highest level of respect, trust and affection from his patients.

True courage to take up the challenge by Dr Jaiswal has ensured that Vedanta Hospitals has become popular not only in Azamgarh but also in the neighboring areas. He has achieved his dream of making Vedanta Hospitals a medical center that provides world-class diagnostic, medical and surgical facilities. Under his able guidance, leadership and his immense dedication, the hospital is able to ensure that each patient is given the warmth and respect that he/she deserves as a patient of the Hospital.
Dr Jaiswal is not a man to rest on his laurels. He understands the setbacks and problems he will face along this journey. But, his determination to provide the best, latest and affordable medical care to the people of his town will ensure that he never wavers from his chosen path. He stands steadfast in his belief that world-class medical care can be provided at affordable rates and that too in this part of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is his dream to carry this dream into other areas of the state and country where basic and specialist medical care is still not readily available.
Vedanta Hospitals provides world-class medical facilities, state-of-the-art medical equipment and well-qualified and trained personnel and quality medical care at affordable rates to all those who come in for treatment.
Vedanta Hospitals presently offers employment to nearly 150 medical professionals all of whom share the dream of Dr Jaiswal.


  • Ensure that the weaker sections of the society get latest treatment possible that is affordable and effective.
  • Provide quality medical care to meet curative and preventive needs of patients.

  • Use state-of-the-art medical technology and latest cures to provide the best diagnostic, medical and surgical facilities.
  • Hire only the best doctors, nurses and other medical personnel professionals.
  • Make certain that patients are treated with care, respect and warmth.
  • Understand the social and cultural backgrounds of patients and if possible, provide care within those boundaries.